3"inch OLED Music Spectrum Display Analyzer MP3 CAR Amplifier Audio Level Indicator rhythm Spectrum

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3' inch OLED music spectrum display module
  • Features:

    Support 8 kinds of display effects (switch by button), support time display, temperature/humidity detection.

    Supply voltage: 5V / 1A

    Audio input: <2V

    Spectrum range: full audio range (20HZ~20KHZ)

    OLED screen advantages:

    Low power consumption and high brightness;

    Active light, visible in the sun;

    Compared with ordinary LCD screens, OLEDs respond faster;

    High and low temperature resistance, more suitable for the car;

    OLED is more resistant to vibration than VFD (vacuum screen);

    No music input Automatically switch to time display function:

    Built-in high-sensitivity microphone, no longer worry about wiring;

    Audio line input is also supported, and audio line input is recommended for more accurate spectrum effects.

  • Package Contents
    100% Brand New
    1x Spectrum display

    1x AUX headphone cable (double male)

    1x USB power cord





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