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Name: three channel electronic timer
Size: appearance mm 66*88*13, screen size 40*44 (mm)
Net weight: 55g
Key note:
T1, T2, T3: channel key
HR, MIN, SEC: time setting key
CLEAR: clear key
START/STOP: start / stop button, control 1-3 channel
CLOCK/TINER: mode key

Product features and functions:

1 features: large windows, three rows of display; back attached bracket, a magnet, can stand, can be pasted on the metal;

2, clock functions: hours, minutes, seconds, AM/PM (AM / PM) display, 12 hour system;
3, stopwatch / time: to one percent (1 / 100) a second unit is timing, maximum time 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds,
Countdown function:
1 can be independent of the 1-3 group countdown, can also start at the same time the three groups of different times of the countdown, countdown finished 1 minutes to remind,
2 has the memory function, each channel has the good time to set the countdown time, will not disappear in the reset time, is convenient to reuse;
Three 3 channels can be set different countdown time, three channels can be started simultaneously or separately





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